00:00:03Take a look at this website.
00:00:06It is meant to provide a unique holiday experience to all types of customers.
00:00:10But is it really inclusive for everyone?
00:00:13Using a generic accessibility check, this website gets a perfect score.
00:00:19So it seems that the TRVL team has done a really good job.
00:00:22However, this is COMPLETELY inaccessible to anyone using assistive technology
00:00:28like a screen reader, keyboard or pointing devices.
00:00:32As a person who can see, you can within a fraction of a second,
00:00:36understand the main purpose of the site - in this case, to search for and book a vacation.
00:00:42You knew that because you recognized a drop-down and a date picker with its calendar icon visually
00:00:48since they follow common UX and UI paradigms
00:00:52Now imagine that a screen reader needs to communicate that to a blind user.
00:00:57The screen reader needs to know that the element is a drop-down
00:01:01that allows the user to select their new vacation home.
00:01:04In this case, the dropdown was implemented the wrong way.
00:01:08It looks the same, but it’s inaccessible to screen readers.
00:01:12All existing accessibility tools would look at this code
00:01:16and not know that its an accessibility problem
00:01:20Because they do not have the context - that this element is actually a dropdown.
00:01:24Evinced does not rely only on the code to understand the meaning of elements on the page.
00:01:30We start by visually analyzing the UX and the UI as a sighted person would.
00:01:36Using sophisticated computer vision and machine learning algorithms,
00:01:41we identify and classify all the interactable elements on the page -
00:01:46like dropdowns, date pickers, input fields and radio buttons …
00:01:51AND only then look at the code underneath to understand if it conveys the functionality correctly to a screen reader.
00:01:58This unique approach Of UI/UX down,
00:02:01as opposed to code up Is what enables Evinced to not only detect all accessibility issues
00:02:08but also auto-generate suggestions to fix or remediate the code
00:02:13Doing the right thing, just became a lot easier!