Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution


Powerful REST API - crawl and scan your applications for accessibility issues. Highly configurable to fit into any development process.

Whether you want to scan every pull request with a known set of URLs, or need Evinced to automatically crawl and scan an entire dev/QA build on a weekly basis - we can get it done. Easily, securely and fast.

Product Overview

Discover critical accessibility issues

Find critical issues with screen reader and keyboard accessibility - automatically. Even if interactable components are built with divs, spans, or images - Evinced will detect if they are broken.

Distributed crawlers support SPAs and rendered JS

Evinced crawlers are extremely fast and create predictable, repeatable results. They support a wide variety of advanced configurations, including behind-login crawling, allow-lists/deny-lists, automatic grouping of similar pages and fully support redirects (including JS redirects).

Lightning fast scanning

Run Evinced scanners together with the crawler to discover new pages and get an overall view of all accessibility issues in your entire application. Or scan a previously crawled set of URLs to see improvements/regressions over time.

Schedule or Trigger from CI

Full cron-based scheduling support - enables periodic triggering of crawling/scanning. Or trigger from CI system or any other automation gating process. Fits into any dev process - run on each PR, weekly or pre-prod roll.

Securely test on-premises dev/QA environments

Enterprise grade security - the on-premises controller communicates via https (outbound connections only). No need for an always-on VPN or complex network engineering. Results and analysis are stored in the Evinced service backend.

More automation solutions from Evinced

  • SDK - Automation

    Easily integrate with existing functional automated tests - Jest/Puppeteer, Selenium/Phantomjs, Cypress and more.

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  • SDK - Instrumentation

    Integrate Evinced into your Dev/QA build. As developers use the system, Evinced automatically discovers accessibility issues.

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