Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution

SDK - Instrumentation

Easily integrate Evinced into your Dev/QA build. As developers and test engineers test the version, Evinced automatically discovers accessibility issues.

Evinced has taken care of the hard work - so your developers and test engineers don't experience any performance degradation. Analyze results in the Evinced service, or aggregate them in your own backend

Product Overview

Discover critical accessibility issues

Find critical issues with screen reader and keyboard accessibility - automatically. Even if interactable components are built with divs, spans, or images - Evinced will detect if they are broken.

Easily injected into web applications

Import the SDK into your application’s main entry point (dev/qa/staging builds). Initialize the SDK, and Evinced takes care of the rest.

Evinced automatically collects issues

As your dev/QA users browse and use/test the application, Evinced works in the background to analyze the accessibility characteristics.

Low footprint/high performance

Evinced keeps track of all DOM changes, page navigation and page states – all while maintaining load-time and run-time performance.

Interpretable results - Low noise

Evinced does not inundate the development team with bugs. Components/repeating code patterns, new/old issues etc. are automatically detected. Visualize results in the Evinced service or aggregate them in your backend.

More automation solutions from Evinced

  • SDK - Automation

    Easily integrate with existing functional automated tests - Jest/Puppeteer, Selenium/Phantomjs, Cypress and more.

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  • API

    Integrates with Jenkins, CircleCI or other CI systems. Just pass a set of URLs, and Evinced returns all critical accessibility issues.

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