SDK - Instrumentation

Easily integrate Evinced into your Dev/QA build. As developers and test engineers test the version, Evinced automatically discovers accessibility issues.

Get more out of your automated UI tests. As your tests drive your web-application, they can also automatically test for accessibility issues. Evinced algorithms make it easy to track issues and improvements/regressions over time and between versions.

Discover critical accessibility issues

Find critical issues with screen reader and keyboard accessibility - automatically. Even if interactable components are built with divs, spans, or images - Evinced will detect if they are broken.

Easily injected into web applications

Import the SDK into your application’s main entry point (dev/qa/staging builds). Initialize the SDK, and Evinced takes care of the rest.

Evinced automatically collects issues

As your dev/QA users browse and use/test the application, Evinced works in the background to analyze the accessibility characteristics.

Low footprint/high performance

Evinced keeps track of all DOM changes, page navigation and page states – all while maintaining load-time and run-time performance.

Interpretable results - Low noise

Evinced does not inundate the development team with bugs. Components/repeating code patterns, new/old issues etc. are automatically detected. Visualize results in the Evinced service or aggregate them in your backend.

More automation solutions from Evinced

  • SDK - Automation

    Easily integrate with existing functional automated tests - Jest/Puppeteer, Selenium/Phantomjs, Cypress and more.

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  • API

    Integrates with Jenkins, CircleCI or other CI systems. Just pass a set of URLs, and Evinced returns all critical accessibility issues.

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