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iOS Accessibilty Debugger

Automatically discover accessibility issues in your native iOS app and generate complete reports

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How it works

This product consists of 2 parts. An SDK that is built into the dev version of your app, and a desktop client which allows you to see all the accessibility issues.

Zero in on critical accessibility issues - nothing else.

Built for: iOS developers and testers.

Technology Summary

Legacy iOS accessibility products rely on the native Accessibility API. This is helpful, but in a way only explains the existing accessibility profile of your app.

Evinced on the other hand, doesn’t depend only on the Accessibility API - it also visually analyzes the full View Hierarchy with class names of the views and screenshots. This enables a much deeper analysis of potential accessibility issues - akin to what one would uncover with manual VoiceOver testing.

The SDK, injected into the dev build of an app, sends the data to an Electron based desktop client via the local network using websockets. The desktop client then receives the data and performs a set of validations to detect any potential accessibility issues. The desktop client also handles report generation, exporting results etc.

Currently, Evinced supports the following validations with a lot more coming. For more information, please check out our Knowledge Base

iOS Accessibilty Debugger validations
WRONG_SEMANTIC_ROLEInteractable UI elements missing trait definition (won’t be able to interact with VO)
NO_DESCRIPTIVE_TEXTNo accessible label/label is wrongly derived
COLOR_CONTRASTInsufficient color contrast
NOT_FOCUSABLEInteractable UI elements that are not accessible to VO rotor
NO_INVISIBLE_INDICATION (Coming soon)Interactable UI elements accessible to VO but not to regular user (VO should skip)
WRONG_FOCUS_ORDER (Coming soon)Interactable UI elements VO rotor order is different from visual order
VO_GESTURE_CONFLICT (Coming soon)Interactable UI element hit target conflicts with other interactable UI element
INTERACTABLE_HIT_TARGET_SIZE (Coming soon)nteractable UI element hit target is too small (best practice)