Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution

Site Scanner

Discover accessibility issues across your entire website or QA/staging, study changes over time and monitor your overall compliance level.

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How it works

Evinced crawls and scans your entire site for accessibility issues, analyzes large amounts of data and presents clearly actionable results.

Get a bird’s eye view - and then drill into any level of detail.

Built for: Compliance/Risk teams, accessibility experts, engineering managers.

Discover critical accessibility issues

Find critical issues with screen reader and keyboard accessibility - automatically. Even if interactable components are built with divs, spans, or images - Evinced will detect if they are broken.

10 times faster than legacy scanning solutions

Evinced, built with modern application development frameworks and a cloud native scale-out architecture, enables you to crawl (discover all URLs) and scan thousands of pages in minutes vs. days.

Analyze modern, dynamic web applications

Evinced renders the page in a browser to scan it for accessibility issues. This enables Evinced to analyze complex, Javascript, dynamic applications, including SPAs.

Validate the pages that matter to your users

Scan the entire web domain, including login protected pages. Evinced’s advanced crawling and scanning settings allow you to configure which domains, sub-domains or specific pages you wish to crawl and which credentials to use in the scanning process.

Securely scan on-premises environments

Test on-premises dev/QA/staging environments without an always-on VPN or heavy network engineering. Our proxy or grid solutions run in your data center and establish outbound https connections only.

Focus on components, not instances

Traces issues and clusters them to repeating code patterns. Open relevant, focused and non-redundant bugs. Powerful filtering and prioritization help collaborate with developers on a remediation plan that is effective and impactful.