Evinced raises $17m: Announces Series-A led by Microsoft’s M12, BGV and Capital One

User-flow Analyzer

Discover accessibility issues across user flows, document issues and communicate with developer team members - all automatically.

Give your accessibility testing operations a productivity boost.

Built for: Accessibility experts, Accessibility champions (developers), QA engineers.

Discover critical accessibility issues

Find critical issues with screen reader and keyboard accessibility - automatically. Even if interactable components are built with divs, spans, or images - Evinced will detect if they are broken.

Create detailed Jira reports

Type of issue, description, WCAG references, how to fix, screen shot, selector, DOM snippet - it’s all there, consistent across issues, saving you time.

Group errors into components

Automatically traces issues and clusters them to repeating code patterns so that developers understand that they need to fix things in just one place - and solve a lot of issues.

Analyze entire user flows

While performing a user flow like logging in and completing a transaction, Evinced analyzes all the pages and DOM changes to offer a full view on accessibility issues across all flows.

Suggests fixes for developers

Context-specific suggestions on how to fix components based on their semantic roles and expected UX. Includes code examples and developer-oriented explanations.