Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution


Evinced technology focuses on two aspects of accessibility engineering. First, it automatically detects critical accessibility issues and suggests fixes for developers. Second, it makes them useful and actionable for development teams.

Accessibility testing is getting more difficult

Existing tools detect only a small fraction of digital accessibility issues automatically. Developers in the industry decry accessibility is "too hard", and a significant majority of problems need to be discovered through manual testing. With the pace of software development increasing and a growing backlog of accessibility issues over time, tech organizations need a lot more automation to keep up.

Why syntax/static analysis tools are not enough

Many websites rely on visual UI paradigms rather than semantic code and cannot be read programmatically. So if a tool analyzes the syntax/code alone, it is not good enough to determine whether a site is accessible or not.

Consider this piece of code which would not throw a violation in legacy tools:

In contrast, Evinced has the capability to go beyond static analysis to tell the code is meant to be interactive but is not accessible to a keyboard or a screen reader:

Evinced accessibility detection core technology

Powerful technology analyzes the UI/UX of a website or web application to automatically detect up to 20 times more critical accessibility issues compared to legacy solutions.

Accessibility analytics to make results useful & actionable

Any system that inundates developers with thousands of issues on each scan will likely be ignored. To that end, Evinced has been developing technology with an editorial narrative that makes automated accessibility analysis results useful and actionable for development teams.