Evinced raises $17m: Announces Series-A led by Microsoft’s M12, BGV and Capital One

The Evincible Series: Accessibility Deep Tech Talks

Incorporating accessibility testing automation into large enterprises

In this episode of the Evincible series, Marcy Sutton will host Mark Penicook and Lundy Hartshorn from Capital One to discuss the challenges and benefits of incorporating automated accessibility testing into scaled systems with multiple digital assets. The video will air on Thursday, July 29th, 8:00 AM (PST).


Mark Penicook

Digital Accessibility Director, Capital One

Lundy Hartshorn

Accessibility Products, Capital One

Navin R. Thadani

Co-founder and CEO, Evinced

Hosted by

Marcy Sutton

Independent web developer and accessibility specialist, co-founder of the Accessibility Seattle Foundation, and nature enthusiast.

Thursday, July 29th,
8:00AM (PST)