Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution

Enterprise grade digital
accessibility platform for modern software development teams.

Weave accessibility into all facets of software development - Design, development, automated testing, QA testing, and production monitoring.

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Trusted by leading enterprises

Large enterprises are making Evinced their platform of choice for accessibility engineering operations. Evinced helps them automatically detect issues, fix the issues and collaborate on accessibility.

Featured F500 Enterprise story - Capital One

Learn how Capital One is realizing their accessibility vision, from reactive, manual, time-consuming processes - to proactive monitoring and automation.

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Our Product Suite - the complete toolkit for accessible code

Browser extensions, SDKs for integration with automated tests, and scanning solutions for pre-production and production environments on Web and Mobile.

Accessibility test tools for Web Apps

  • Flow Analyzer for Web

    For accessibility experts, developer accessibility champions, and QA engineers.

    Chrome extension to scan web pages including all their potential states.

  • Automation for Web

    For developers and automation engineers.

    SDK for integration with automated tests, scanning for on-premises dev/QA environments.

  • Site Scanner

    For compliance/risk teams, accessibility experts, and engineering managers.

    SaaS to scan entire websites/web applications including SPAs, and behind-login.

  • Dev Debugger

    For developers.

    Accessibility debugger browser extension, SDK/CLI for pre-commit checks.

Accessibility test tools for Mobile Apps

  • Flow Analyzer for Mobile

    For accessibility experts, developers, accessibility champions, and QA engineers.

    Desktop App to scan iOS and Android mobile applications.

  • Automation for Mobile

    For developers and automation engineers.

    SDK for integration with test automation environments for iOS and Android.

Our Technology - automatic semantic modeling

Going beyond legacy static/syntax analysis, Evinced uses computer vision and AI to automatically detect and pinpoint difficult screen reader and keyboard interaction problems.

Computer vision/AI

Recognizes all interactable elements and intents/actions.

Context-based code inspection

Inspects the code of interactable elements to check accessibility implementation.

Component grouping

Consolidates hundreds of issues to a handful of broken code components.

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