Evinced named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2023
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What they're saying

We thought we'd share some of the reactions we get from customers and other folks who see what we can do.

I would say Evinced is leading the way in innovation for accessibility. Plain and simple.

Fred Moltz
Head of Accessibility, Verizon

I absolutely love that it catches keyboard accessibility issues. Keyboard is the most labor intensive of all the manual checks, because there are so many different combinations to check and you have to check each element on the page. To have a tool that catches keyboard accessibility saves us SO much time…I think this is exciting.”

Accessibility Manager
Fortune 500 Technology Co.

We go out and test our entire public-facing footprint every month.  Before Evinced, that process took 3-4 weeks. Now it takes a few hours.

Mark Penicook
Dir. of Digital Accessibility, Capital One

Wow, that is impressive, right there.

Accessibility Manager
Fortune 500 Media Co.

Now we can go to a vendor and say ‘Hey, fix these five things.’ It’s super easy to understand... Everything else to date has not had a level of analysis provided with the information, simply a dump of issues… This is so much easier.

Engineering Lead
Fortune 500 Insurance Co.

The power I see with Evinced is that we’re finally looking to solve problems in new and exciting ways. Evinced is the power of the modern web to make accessibility what it’s always needed to be.

Accessibility Manager
Fortune 500 Financial Institution

As developers and QA people start off as novices on accessibility, seeing all the bugs they’re creating, they’re going to learn to not create those bugs by seeing them early in the software process -– by Evinced software, which is really, really good software.

Engineering Lead
Cleantech Co.

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