Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution

Automation for Mobile

Easily integrate the Evinced engine with your Appium, XCUI SDK, Espresso and UIAutomator tests to detect accessibility issues in mobile applications before push to production.

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Get more out of your automated mobile tests. As your tests drive your native mobile application, they can also automatically pinpoint accessibility issues. Evinced algorithms simplify tracking issues and improvements/regressions over time and between versions.

Add accessibility tests to your existing mobile automation

Built for: Developers and automation testing teams

Discover accessibility issues and create actionable reports

Find accessibility issues within your iOS and Android applications - automatically. The Evinced engine will detect a wide variety of functional blockers including spotting missing traits, missing accessible labels, color contrast issues and many more. Actionable HTML and JSON reports include screenshots, detailed descriptions, and suggestions to resolve issues quickly.

Support for the most popular mobile automation frameworks

With a few lines of code you can easily add the Evinced accessibility engine to your existing Appium, XCUI SDK, Espresso or UIAutomator functional tests to instantly pinpoint accessibility issues.

Highly configurable per team needs

The Evinced engine can be configured to scan your app at optimal points during your test to ensure maximum coverage. Easily configure which Accessibility rules to run, criteria to be met, and if you want to fail a build.

View output in any CI system

Integrates with popular CI systems like Jenkins, CircleCI, etc. and supports a variety of output formats - HTML, JSON etc. Track unique issues, trends, age of issues etc. via the Evinced service.


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