Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution

Automation for Web

Evinced SDKs and scanning solutions can seamlessly fit into any enterprise development process. Whether you release code multiple times a day, or once every few weeks - whether you have a lot of UI functional test automation or you are just getting started - Evinced can help.

Automation for web products

  • SDK - Automation

    For: applications with exhaustive and well-maintained UI automation

    Easily integrate with existing functional automated tests - Selenium Java, Cypress, WebdriverIO, Ruby Webdriver and more.

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  • SDK - Instrumentation

    For: complex applications, but limited UI automated tests

    Integrate Evinced into your Dev/QA build. As developers use the system, Evinced automatically discovers accessibility issues.

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  • API

    For: Teams that do not have automated UI tests

    Integrates with Jenkins, CircleCI or other CI systems. Just pass a set of URLs and Evinced returns all critical accessibility issues.

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