Evinced announces first end-to-end mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility solution

Site scanner - product training

This series of training videos will help you understand how to use the Evinced Site Scanner (SaaS service) and get the most out of its advanced features and capabilities.

Before you get started, please make sure that you have signed up for the trial and created an account. If you encountered any problems during the sign-up process, please email support@evinced.com

And remember, the Evinced team is always available to help answer any product questions. support@evinced.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s get started!

01.Basic flow

4 mins 33 sec

video content:

  1. 01.How to add a property
  2. 02.Enter the seed URL and start mapping
  3. 03.How to scan the mapped URLs for accessibility issues
  4. 04.See the results including the overview/ summary as well as components, issue types, pages and all issues
  5. 05.Breakdown of issues by severity
  6. 06.Clustering into repeating code patterns or components - essential to help build a proper remediation plan

02.Understanding the results

4 mins 50 sec

video content:

  1. 01.Distribution of issues across pages - see what % of your pages have critical, serious and minor issues - and what kind of issues
  2. 02.See the distribution of issues by type and severity - for example, your site may have interactable role (screen reader related) and keyboard accessible (keyboard related issues) - which are critical accessibility errors
  3. 03.Understand the clustering of repeating code patterns into components. You can see that tens of thousands of issues may be reduced to just a few tens of components. This is what your dev team needs to fix in order to improve your accessibility posture.

03.Advanced configuration

Video Coming Soon...

video content:

  1. 01.This section is all about how to fine-tune the crawling algorithms to discover relevant pages in your website. Specifically, …
  2. 02.How and why to set up additional seed URLs
  3. 03.How to use the scope settings to limit the crawler from visiting URLs that are not of interest
  4. 04.How to use grouping rules in order to sample pages that are essentially the same (derived from the same template)
  5. 05.The role of query parameters - how, why and when to use them in the grouping function